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THE town of nassau county...don't even try to mess with us bad boys
we got the most gangsta thug hard asses u eva seen
we got breezy hill, a neighborhood full of the finest italians around
we got the best feasts/carnivals
we got that ill Chicken Delight fast food restaurant down by maple avenue

bring it
Yo was crackin in the 'bury?

Westbury is better than most towns, such as Garden City, Commack, and Montville.
av diesel baby 8. mars 2006
Westbury is a neighborhood in Houston, Texas. It used to be a really nice neighborhood, but it started getting really ghetto in the 80's and 90's. Recently it has become increasingly popular with gays who like to mow their lawns in short shorts like Lt. Jim Dangle. This is good because homos are good for property values.
G-Money #1: "Westbury be a tight hood yo!. Is's gonna rep dat til da day I die!"

G-Money #2: "Naw nigga, tha bury be fulla butt pirates n' shit. You really wanna claim dat?"
av SWTX 13. mai 2011
Westbury is a diverse town in Eastern Central Nassau County, Long Island, NY. Schools are below average. I consider there to be 3 parts of Westbury.

1. You have the southern part which is called Salisbury, this is mostly middle class caucasians.

2. The Central part which is pretty diverse, a good mix of hispanics, whites and blacks and this section is mainly working class. This is considered the least desirable section since it has a lot of day laborers, a big illegal immigrant problem and kinda rundown.

3. North of the Parkway and south of Jericho turnpike is upper middle class and mostly Black with a noticeable amount of Whites. Very nice area

Carle Place is west of Ellison Ave, Carle Place is mostly middle class to upper middle class white people. To the east of Westbury, you have New Cassel which is poor to working class and about even mix of blacks+hispanics and a big illegal immigration problem. To the north you have Old Westbury which is FILTHY rich- one of the richest towns in the country.
You: Now I know about Westbury!
Me: The more you know
av Westburito 16. oktober 2011
Westbury is a diverse town in nassau county, long island. The town is divided into two sides by post ave. North is prodominately black and hispanic in a middle to lower class neighborhood students here go to Westbury High school and the south is middle to upper class caucasions and the students go to Clarke High school. There is a good amount of crime that goes undetected in North as well as New Cassell Ranging from robberies,Prostitution, drug trafficking, and illegal weapons. Not to many Murders take place but dosent mean it wont occur. And the reason the area is like that is because the Police in Nassau County are over compensated to patrol the neighborhoods. New York City Police get paid around 40,000 starting in neighborhoods which crime rate definately more signifcant where as a cop in nassau county will get paid roughly 60,000 starting to roam to streets and look away while someone screams out to them. Westbury is one of those video game towns that never existed but dosent mean that its a bad place to live just means that its has its ups and downs so be warned.

oh and were also the home of mims the rapper but....thats another story
av Dark eezy 3. september 2009
most people if you ask, from around long island if you live here will not know where it is because it is
A town that virtually does not exsist because its in salisbury but yet in the east meadow school district

the HS of this name also is no where near its own town

hispanics are most likely to attend that educational building
hey Miguel what school do you go to?!

ii q0 t0 Where aLl dEm beAneRs bhE @ Westbury ; Yuh diq?

ummmm are you even legal in this counrty?

iDkk bUt Myy Dad iS qOod aT hopPinq FeNcez.
av areyouhappyxx 3. august 2009
Westbury is a big town somewhat towards the center of Long Island. As the previous entries have established, there are two sections, both equally retarded, although I would rather go to Clarke High than that the other hell hole (Westbury High)

To put this simply, Westbury is the MOST unflattering, monotonous, and freaking irritating place on this sorry island. I have the delightful pleasure of living amongst gangsters and drug dealers (the highlight of my day, no doubt) but thankfully I go to a private school (which is a good thing and an equally bad thing).

The only up side of this town is that the mall and other stores are close by. Seriously, that's all I can think of right now.
When I get older, I'm getting the fuck out of Westbury and moving to Canada or Montana or some fucking beautiful place.

NEVER move here; Count yourself blessed because your life hasn't been fucked by Westbury and its inhabitants of of yet.
av RockChick99 12. januar 2011
gangsta ass town on long island. neither north or south shore. its divided by old country road which separates the weathly from.. well the spanish and african americans who attend westbury HS. the other side goes to clarke high school which is 90% white. this school sells mad bud and has all sorts of drugs. we love to get fucked up but were still sick at sports like football and baseball.. everything else sucks. everyone in westbury sells weed. other drugs are somewhat common
yo were in westbury lets pick up some of that piff.
oh shit bro lets not cross over to the bad side of westbury we might get jumped.
av biglongpenisman 3. november 2008
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