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Ebonics version of "you are" In the Ebonics version "Is" replaces "Are" making it "You Iz" or Uz for short.
"Uz a ho!"
av IceWarm 30. mars 2004
Short for "all of you"
Did uz do the homework?
#uz #all #of #you #real
av RYAN 12321 12. august 2013
An Uzzi, which is a great weapon to aim on someone you really hate!
"I got a long UZ', and I carry it all day
Sometimes it's like a nightmare, just bein Andre..."
Dr. Dre - B**ch Please II
av mooning 10. mai 2005
Ms. Vertis- Why did you fail the test?
Tyrone- 'uz
av Josephine Greene 9. mai 2003
a very short form of the word 'because'
i went to walmart uz i needed more toothpaste
av goofproof 5. juli 2005
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