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An inanimate object that James Hetfield of Metallica claims to be.
av m3tallic4 16. oktober 2012
66 11
the equivalent of fuck used mostly towards men. Also used to be as offensive as cunt is to women when used at men.
Dude that guys such a table

what the table
av adoe26 18. februar 2010
112 87
Somewhere to have sex.
I had sex on the table with margaret.
av Schqwnbean 7. juni 2005
88 71
A usually flat, horizontal surface, around which people often gather to smoke righteous ganja buds, and to throw their paraphernalia on afterwards, during, and before the action of said smoking. Another interesting and defining feature of tables, is their ability to prevent to loss of the items they hold: yes, if you're ever worried about some important document, or an intricate south asian glass figurine, just find a table to place it on and you;ll know exactly where it is when you next look for it!
Guy 1: "hey dude, im so baked, i can't find anything. where are the weed and intricate south asian glass figurines at?"

Guy 2: " bro, they're on the table. right were you left them."
av landlove 27. mars 2011
11 9
noun:slang term for turntables
man chris was rockin' those tables last night at the party!
av Chris 22. februar 2004
11 9
A game involving taking and drinking other peoples drinks that have been left on the table or the bar. Usually when they are looking away or gone to the toilet.
"Jeff and I had no money in the club the other night so we just played a game of tables"
av andrewmalone 25. september 2011
3 5