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Swimmers are great lovers. Their strong hip flexors and abdominal muscles give them stamina that helps maintain a very enjoyable rhythm in the bedroom.

So date a swimmer.
Swimmers are so hot!
av hot stuff 19. juli 2004
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swimmers are the most elite athelites that know how to win. they train multiple hours a day and eat lots of healthy food. they love cold water and dont mind waking up @ 5:15 am to train. they have strong hip flexors, big feet and six packs.they are tan all year round and train in see-through fabric. guys train mostly naked, in fact. they have big muscles and often they can run for long distances, do many pull ups and sit ups etc. they are the most sexually active athelites and because of their strong muscles, they are able to maintain a good rhythm all night long. and everyone who isnt a swimmer is just jealous. well, be jealous.
whoa we've been going at this for hours. ..
av christeen 29. mai 2005
All swimmers are extraordinarily committed to the sport, and don't mind getting up at ungodly hours to train excessively. Swimming is definitely the most difficult sport, no doubt about it, and swimmers will fight to the death if you challenge that fact. They're great in bed. They are usually lazy, but good in school. Swimmers are known to eat a lot because of all the calories that are burned. When it's not swimming season, a swimmer is pretty much a "fish out of water" and gets all depressed. When they get like this, the only medicine is about 3 miles worth of swimming. The longer you train, the faster you are, the better you feel.

Male Swimmers are usually extremely fit, and have big penises. Usually have a six pack and insane arm muscles, however, some are just skinny. It doesn't matter, all guy swimmers are great in bed and super hot. Plus they are awesome boyfriends, very thoughtful. Swim practice is about 2 and a half hours of thinking time, while moving your arms and legs until they burn.

Female Swimmers are pretty much the chillest girls you'll ever meet. They're always tan and never cold. Used to vigorous training, everything else is cake for them. You want to date a swimmer. They're just a lot of fun to be around. Stays fit all year round, even when swim season's over because female swimmers hate being out of shape.
Guy: Man, football practice was tough today...
Swimmer: LMFAO I'll show you tough.
av cagedanimal 9. april 2010
sexy guys, theyre tanned and wear speedos!
wow jeff is so hot in his speedo
av kristin 4. november 2003
A person who trains rigrously almost everyday to reach their athletic potential. Rarely aren't found eating. Stick with their own kind like peanut butter on a pinecone. Love cold water, and waking up a 5:00 in the morning to practice for two hours and thirty minutes and still go to school afterwards. They don't all have big penises and not all of them are tan, but they are one damn sexy human being. Swimmers also tend to look squishy despite the standard six-pack. This is because they spend almost every day saturated in water. Thus making their flesh automatically glisten. Shaving parties occur often.
Shaving? Yes, swimmers shave everything.
av Ivey Welton 1. april 2008
Usually the most fit athletes since they use all their muscles while training. Swimmers are known to have big penises. Swimmers are confident in their body by wearing tight swim suits. Swimmers are known to have big penises. They usually are hydrophilic individuals with a certain feeling of hydrotrophism. Swimmers are known to have big penises.
Hey, look at that swimmer swimming over there with his big penis.
av J-Peg 5. juni 2006
an overall sexy individual. The girls almost always have a hot body. i.e. Natalie Couglin. The guys are sick. They are ridiculous athletes and can not be compared to their pussy counterparts during the winter. Such as basketball, and wrestling. Swimmers are also known to appear to be on pot. They are lazy, always hungry, and sometimes have bloodshot eyes due to the chlorine. This is only due to the ridiculous amount of training. They are also really good in bed.
Hot Girl 1- Hey

Hot Girl 2- hey the other night i had amazing sex with a swimmer. He kept going and going
Hot Girl 1- Nice, im going to get laid by a swimmer now
av hnfdkjasj; 17. mai 2009
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