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an adjective used to describe someone who spazzes often. Meaning, they are hyper a lot and have these fits of uncontrollable excitement or nervousness
Sammy's so spazzy today... She must've forgotten to take her ritalin.
av muffin fiend 17. januar 2009
198 73
1. Extremely flexible.

2. Able to move freely without physical limitations.
"My muscles are stiff, I'm not as spazzy as I used to be."
av Nigel Yearning 10. februar 2013
13 9
like groupies but extremely better!!
and way crazier!!
spazzies are people who are total spazzes!! and head bang!
av keanna 8. desember 2007
0 2
spastic, or stupid
bob u fuckin spazzy!
av miikii 10. desember 2003
64 72
Usually a faggot with no nutsack what so ever. He the classic "tool on the block" and he likes dick on his non pubic-haired testicles. He is known for his unshaved gooch because he cant shave it yet, and he loves to get cream pied in his ear.
Spazzy................... enough said.
av snozberrypancakes 14. februar 2011
13 59
something which is both special and jazzy you know..spazzy!
we went on a date to this spazzy place.
av chocolate puff 17. juli 2008
25 76
A person who likes to drool or has a big forehead.
A perfect example of the word Spazzy = Louser Rooney
av Michael Livingstone 27. mars 2008
17 70