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Nickname for Detroit Pistons player, Rasheed Wallace.
Also yelled as SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED when he goes for a shot, and/or just gets the ball.
*Rasheed Wallace gets ball, goes for three pointer*
Pistons Fans: WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
#detroit #pistons #ball #dont #lie #kick #ass #basketball #player
av Jordan Stevens 24. mai 2007
1. What Pistons fans yell when Rasheed Wallace gets the rock in the low post.

2. synonymous with marijuana

2. Yo crotch the sheed man! The cops are coming!
av bob 31. mars 2005
A talented player that was added to the Detroit Pistons in in the 2003-04 season who was the last peice of the puzzle to detroits championship run. Rasheed's nickname is sheed and his nickname is yelled out by his hometown fans WHENEVER he gets the ball.
av PGballa 24. august 2005
Drunk or hammered
how fuckin sheed did you get last night??!!!
#drunk #booty #hammered #sexy #wiener #cunt #bitchassmofo nipple #cliterous
av wierner 27. august 2010
to take a shit and pee at the SAME TIME.
"man, this morning i took a loooong sheed."
#shit #pee #sheed #same #time
av frances-camille padlan 26. april 2007
1.What pistons fans yell when rasheed wallace gets the ball.

2.synonymous with mariujana.

2. Shit Tommy the coppers are coming, crotch the sheed!!
av Bob 31. mars 2005
A saying for a male receiving Oral sex from a woman.
I met this girl and she gave me the sheed.
#sheeeeeed #rasheeeeedd #sheeds #good sheed #eeeed
av Rasheeeeeeeeeeeed 4. januar 2010
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