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Russian P.O.W.s during WW2 were described as being "rusky" or "rusked up". It's another way of saying "husky". Anyone that knows a Russian can confirm this. It's a bi product of the Russian Physical Education curriculum.
Powerlifters look rusky.
av Daystrom 14. mai 2011
20 6
russian mafias
'' Those Ruskies beat the ms 13 last year ''
av sham69 25. september 2008
21 10
A Katya..
A cheerful Russian, Jeep loving, husky stealing creep who laughs like a banshee!
She comes with her own theme music!
Person1: "Here comes The Rusky! Lock your Jeep, here comes the Jeeper Creepah! Hide that husky too!"

Katya: "Rrrreeeeeaaaaarrrrra!"
av Locket1989 2. november 2008
12 28