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sexual intercourse without a rubber.
Man, fuck that, hit that shit raw
dog then bail
av big johnny 9. juli 2002
V. To engage in sexual intercourse without the use of a condom.
I blacked out and raw dogged my ex-boo last night.
av Bradley J. 18. september 2005
Inserting your penis into a woman's orafice with no rubber.
Andrew fucked tigger rawdog last night in the rump.
#unprotected #fucking #sex #penis #no glove
av 3. desember 2005
when a man sticks his penis in a womens vagina without a condom
stick it in me baby rawdog!
#funny #sexual #kinky #exotic #fun
av TGUNZ1892 11. mai 2009
the act of having sex without a condom
no girl should know the definition raw dog let alone use it in a phrase.
#raw #dog #sex #cox #condom
av torilovescorysamazingcock<3 5. juli 2009
fuckin sluts with no rubber
-"my nigga decided to raw dog that ho and got that bitch pregnant"
-"lucky nigga didnt get the <i>clap</I>"

_"you gonna raw dog that ho tonight"
_"yeah im gonna be up in those guts"
#raw #raw dogged #rawdogging #raw doged #raw doging
av Derica, Stasi, B-Fields, Rachel 27. januar 2006
(a) To go into an exam, quiz, or test without studying enough (or at all) beforehand

(b) Similar to the more well-known definition (sexual intercourse without the use of a condom) in that you have no protection, the consequences may be severe, and no matter what happens, you're still getting screwed.
"I shouldn't have gone out last night! I passed out before I could finish studying and had to raw dog my history exam."
#rawdog #protection #screwed #studying #exam #midterm
av TheAngriestBird 23. februar 2012
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