- pronounced 'ff-ag' -

1. Commonly used insult in Southampton, England, coined by Ele and Sophie in a Biology lesson when studying phagocytes. It can be elongated to 'phagpheatures'.

2. Ele's pen; it is a cow head attached to a spring attached to a pen. It has 'PHAG' written accross the back of its head, and when you squeeze the head, it squeaks.
1. Dizzee Rascal has meatdrapes you fucking phag!

2. Hey Ele, can I borrow PHAG? Something ate my pen.
#fag #phagpheatures #pen #ele #sophie #claire #hannah #phagg #phg #fagg #biology #phagocytes #southampton #england #st annes school
av EleCanFeelTheSoil 29. oktober 2007
Top Definition
a cool fag (spelled like phat for similar effect)
Yo, check out da shoes on dat phag--theys so pimp!
av Goodspeed 25. april 2004
Pretty Hot And Gay. PHAG.
jon is a a huge phlaming phag.
av 123 5. september 2004
a gay person who has street credibility; a homosexual who's got street smarts and is one tough gay thug.
thug1: "yo dawg, dont fuck with dat phag, he's packin some mad heat in his steve madden bag."
thug2: "fo'real?"
thug1: "fo-rizzay!"
av jewish spanish boy 9. mai 2004
Faggots, Queers, Cock Suckers, Pipe Fitters, Pork Smokers, etc.
av SmaKaHo 1. juli 2003
The same as calling someone a fag but not as harsh so one can call a mate a 'phag'.
a light hearted dig at someone.
"oi man your a phag"!
#fag #homo #mate #friend #romo
av Loaf_aus 21. mars 2009
"what is the difference between fag and phag." asked Serena
"YOU are the definition of phag." said Autumn
#serena #phag #dickpickle #jesus' penis #pen15 #dick fart
av Ivana fuq 26. oktober 2013
Pleasant to Hang Around Gay.
"Mac is such a phag."
#phag #p.h.a.g. #fag #faggot #phaggot
av TnipsEbola 10. april 2013
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