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in the mouth
a)tablets to be taken orally
b)cock inserted in the mouth (someone elses not your own) thats how people break their necks.
av Bunz 14. september 2003
1. Pertaining to the mouth or speaking.
2. A type of sexual action involving the mouth and a genitalia or asshole.
1. I have an oral speech I must present tomorrow.

2. My girlfriend wants me to give her oral!
av Anonymous 30. januar 2003
something involving the mouth
In sex ed, I gave an oral speech about oral sex. Too bad I couldn't give a demonstration, then I would have gotten an A+.
av wakalakalover45 9. april 2005
A sexual procedure that is conducted by many High School virgins due to the fact that they believe they are going to heaven if they remain a virgin till marriage but it is much better to only suck on the males genitalia
Will you please just sit on my penis cause you give terrible Oral.
av PinSeekr 16. oktober 2005
noun-1)the act of cunnilingus or fellatio 2)the service an intern perfomrs for the president
Hey Hillary, give me oral. No? Okay I will go ask Monica.
av Tommy Knocker 4. desember 2004
To put a mans genetalia or toothbrush in your mouth
Man:Come have oral with me
Woman:I already brushed my teeth
av GRAFIX00 1. mai 2009
A brilliantly amazing person also by the name of Orla. Extremely Pretty but slightly in dential. She smells nice and has a freckle smiley face on her arm.
"Orla? Orlaaa? ORAL?", "Yes?"
av Shucey 26. september 2010