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An extremely derogatory term. Separately, the words mean absolutely nothing, but once combined these words can form a missile of hate.

The term Nigger-Guy often leads one to recall painful chapters of their past. Chapters that in which are usually discriminative, hateful, slanderous, and in some cases very lame.

In early 2007, Randy Marsh of South Park, Colorado, and Michael Richards of Los Angeles, California spearheaded a campaign to ban the hateful term. On March 7th, 2007, the term Nigger-Guy was officially banned in a 8 to 1 supreme court ruling. When one uses the word 'Nigger', it must be at least seven words apart for the word 'Guy'.

Thanks these two heroic victims, this derogatory racial term has been forever banned from the English vernacular.
"Dude, did you see Wheel of Fortune last night? Stan's Dad dropped the N-bomb on national television!"

"Yea dude i did. What a Nigger Guy."
av myokcomputer 24. mars 2007
657 70
n. Used to refer to any non-colored person who uses the word "nigger" in a patently offensive way. Whether using it in general conversation, or saying it directly to a real nigger, a "nigger guy" is essentially any white person who uses "the n word" which is exclusively reserved for black people.

The term was essentially coined by South Park on Comedy Central. During an episode aimed at satirizing movements that inform the public about the power of racial slurs, Stan's dad used the word "niggers" on the Wheel of Fortune and therefore received a lot of negative publicity. Ironically the episode ends with Congress making it illegal to use of the phrase "nigger guy."
Examples of usage:
1. Hey look, there's that nigger guy!
2. Hey, aren't you that nigger guy?
3. We don't take kindly to nigger guys like you.
av TheShark2k10 7. mars 2007
567 102
a Caucasian american that uses the word nigger to slander the afican american race.
- Krammer

"Come'on Skeeter, these Niggerguys ain't worth our trouble!"
- South Park
av lolTrae 8. mars 2007
106 28
A nigger guy is a white guy who is only famous for using the "N" word.

Famous nigger guys include:
Michael Richards
Randy Marsh
That guy at the OJ trial who used the "N" word
Hey look it's that nigger guy! He said the "N" word on national television!
av 12bottles 8. mars 2007
90 28
A slang term that defines a white person who has used the word "Nigger" in public.
After the comedy show fiasco, Kramer became the world's most famous niggerguy.
av Gmizzy 8. mars 2007
42 6
1.)A white guy that commits a faux pas by using the word nigger in public.

2.)Any white guy that despite the lack of any overt racist acts, is excpeted of being a racist.
1.)"Did you see the video of that nigger guy going crazy on the crowd?"

2.)"I am no racist, its abhorrent."
"Pfft, whatever Richard, you're the biggest nigger guy I know."
av day 17. mars 2007
71 56
a white man who says the word nigger. A racial slur against racist people. from an episode in south park.
well look who here, its nigger guy!
we dont like your kind around here nigger guy!
av mizter6 7. mars 2007
44 31