A crying little pussy emo goth bitch.
Men shouldn't have b00bs!!
av Elvis Stallone 4. februar 2005
Marilyn Manson:
An extremely underrated and misjudged man.

Blamed for problems having absolutely nothing to do with him by ignorant fuck-ups who bitch about whoever doesn't fit within their social standards.

Questionable parents claim he is the reason their child becomes a heroin addicted failure, when clearly the parenting skills of said parents need to be thoroughly explained and moderated.

Most people who don't spend 5 minutes worth shit of research to find that he does not in fact sacrifice animals, worship the devil, have his ribs removed to suck himself off, or any other extreme fairy tales people have gotten away with starting.

Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) plays many instruments, sings, writes, acts, and paints. He is incredibly talented and naturally gifted. His hard work shows and I can easily say is the most genius man I have ever had the pleasure of having as a role model. No one has influenced me in such a powerful, positive way.

He is a beautiful creature that this shit-hole of a world doesn't deserve to have. He is my last hope that humanity isn't a complete waste.
Person-Wow! This is a good song? Who is it by?

Me-Marilyn Manson.

Person-(Thinking: I will now pretend his music is horrible because there are rumors about him and people may not like me for listening to him. Ughhh, no one will like me and think I'm so totally un-cool. Although, I secretly like him.)
av Monica10101010 23. juli 2011
Brian Hugh Warner
Born January 5, 1969
A famous eclectic
artist, head of band by with name that was formed in 1989. He is currently dating Evan Rachel Wood who was born September 7, 1987
His autobiography is called "Long Hard Road Out of Hell" I suggest everyone who loves or hates him should read it.
'I'm becoming what I used to be afraid of. When the whole world wants to destroy you, everyday is your last day and every performance is your final one. The Antichrist is not just me, or just one person. it's all of us, a collective state of mind that America needs to have awakened in them. I want to wake it in them. That's the purpose of this tour, maybe even my life, to make Americans realize they don't have to believe in something just because they've been told it all their lives. You can't have someone who's never had sex or drugs telling you it's wrong. Only through experience can you determine your own morality. Humanity isn't about constantly having to seek forgivness for being human; humanity is leading a guiltless existance as an individual. That is Armageddon, because, to Christianity, if you forsake God and believe in yourself, the world is over.'

-pg. 247 of The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell by Marilyn Manson
av B89 11. juli 2008
-Possibly the greatest lyricist ever
-Mind blowingly inteligent, puts any interviewer who trys to have a go to shame
-Controversial, yet he will always have a reason for doing whatever he did, and will be able to justify anything he does or condones.
-Exellent painter who is internationally recognized and has had exhibitions all over the world
-Could be an incredibly accurate political and social analysist, judging by his songs and interviews, this is probably due to his journalistic work.
-Style icon fore scene/emo and even british indie kids
Even people who dont like marilyn manson should watch his interviews on youtube, at least to find out how incredibly intelligent he is, and how valid his opinions are on almost any topic. Even though i am only 15, and am what some would call "scene" please dont disregard this. It is completely accurate.
av sexyirishboi 25. mars 2008
A sick fuck, who happens to be popular among the bullied pre-teens/teens and therefore has the money to continue his inadequate showmanship. Sadly enough, some take him for real.
Marilyn Manson is either too coked up or drunk to perform adequately - gasping for breath and letting the crowd of 14-year-olds sing while you proclaim yourself 3v1l is NOT being a showman.
av j-nez 10. desember 2007
One of the most awesome musicians on the face of the planet. He doesn't give a shit about what other people think of him. To me he is like heroin and hot. Not the boring crap which people call music, but real, raw, dark, delicious, hot, wonderfully grotesque, amazing and badass music which excites the ears.
Marilyn Manson my baby come and fuck me.
av marilynlover 25. mars 2010
Recently been watered down to just another HotTopic kid favourite. Just like Evanescence, Slipknot and Greenday. Regardless, some of his songs are still pretty good.
Do I like Marilyn Manson? In terms of his music? Yes. In terms of him? No.
av MadisonDemetra 16. mai 2008
An under-rated genius who is misunderstood because of his album "Antichrist Superstar", in which every right-wing catholic ass who has a stick up their butt protested. I don't EVER think he has said that there is no god. He was a catholic growing up, until one of his teachers told him to "Go home for being blasphemis", in which he said "Fuck you and YOUR version God." He's stated in "Disposable Teens" that he "Never really hated the ONE TRUE GOD, but THE GOD OF THE PEOPLE I HATED" Get your fucking ignorant heads out of your asses, and THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Yes, he did drugs. He drinks Absinthe like there's going to no more!
No, he never took his ribs out to give himself oral, he said in his book if he did, there wouldn't be a Marilyn Manson because he'd be to busy sucking himself!
I don't know what exactly his sexuality is, but he was married to a beautiful burlesque dancer, and now is dating Evan Rachel Wood. He doesn't have a problem with gay people because he might be bisexual.
"We live in a society of victimization, where people are more comfortable being victimized than standing up for them selfs"
-Marilyn Manson
av M:G 15. desember 2007

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