The feeling the can be stretched to all limits, a devotion and strength to do watever you can for another person no matter where that may take you. A feeling that will never be removeable from your heart, it has to past tense. So hold onto it and charish it no matter where it may lead you in life because it truly only comes around once.
I am in love with you.
#love #devotion #like #forever #strength
av Aashleeeey 9. august 2010
i love you lilly <33333333 i really love you with all my strength,i will always love you
me ''iiiii lllloooovvvveee yyyoooouuu'' love
#love #miss #desire #happines #joy
av darkvic21 2. juli 2010
Him. The need to be with him at all times. Desire to feel his arms around you and holding you close. Often an unreturned feeling, commonly called unrequited love.
I love him. He loves her, and she loves him.
#out of luck #lover #unloved #unrequited love #desire
av thenifellhopelesslyforyou 23. mars 2010
*the word Communist came up with so they can have sex for free

*that warm feeling you get when you tub your cat or ...
* its not just sex... i love you...

* i love you baby :)
#romance #adore #tub #communists #warm #free #came up
av 8lilit8 11. februar 2010
what is love is one of the most asked questions in the world.... its thought to be this feeling of completion, untill it hits u, ur under a spell. u see the world different.... food tastes different, u speak differently to your aquatints, u take leaps and bounds just to see a cheek raise on your loved ones face. love isnt brought on threw time, love is known from the point of impact. ull let nothing get in the way of ur love for that person. not 350 miles, not a fear of opening up. love make u do and say crazy things but at the time, those crazy things don sound so crazy because when ur in the moment, nothing else matters but the feeling u have for that person and u wanna get on top of a mountain and shout it to the world. i always wondered what love would feel like.... it took me 18 years to figure it out but i promise the moment it hits u, it hits u so hard u might question if this is really it, all u have to look at is if ur feelings are truly unconditional. take an extra step and speak ur mind. if ur love isnt excepted than it wasnt deserved to be received.
k loves d
#love #loving #loveable #loved #r loved her #love her
av babylovelover 31. januar 2010
The phrase that brings the best emotions to women every time they hear it.
I am the happiest person when I hear these words from Ika - I Love You
#love #hope #feeling #happiness #satisfaction
av marus 15. januar 2010
When two people get upset when they havent talked to each other in just a minute.when two people have an instant connection and never forget anything one has said to or about the other person. You remember everything that happens between the two of you. You are inseprable when with each other. You tell each other everything. You can truly be honest with the person you love. this is wat love is.
Jason & Michelle <33 {07.17.09} <33 LOVE <333
#love #jason #michelle #inseprable #honesty
av ChellyThomas 7. oktober 2009
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