Top Definition
A woman's breasts. Especially when large and shapely.
I enjoy my jugs! Especially on a hot day when I wear a sleeveless T-Shirt!
av Little Deby Big Boobs 21. mai 2005
something for keeping milk in
nice jugs there, Daisy
av mike read 13. august 2003
A pair of breasts
"Look at those Jugs"
av Mikeyman 19. mars 2003
something that betters one financially
bra,im low on doe, tonight im tryna make a jug.
av louki$$ 5. oktober 2007
the best words to describe boobs
i love big jugs
av rhcpgod 13. august 2003
a fucking nice pair of tits
buff tits
av $ico 26. mars 2003
a woman's breasts(see also tits, hooters)
I could not believe that her jugs were already huge when she was 10.
av Light Joker 29. november 2004
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