Huge Testicles
Boy he has Huge Testicles
av ArmyMechanic 3. februar 2010
Home Training- you better know how to act if yo mama was here.
Girl, when I was talkin on the phone this scrub tried to pick me up,while I was talkin to my man,I went HT on that fool!
av joe da man 2. juni 2006
abbeviation of the phrase harsh toke, used to describe a toke on a bifta that ends in coughing.
* cough cough cough *

mate , thats a ht
av duck 11. januar 2005
Short for Highty-Tighty, the Regimental Band of Virginia Tech and the Corps of Cadets.
Wow, those HT's march really well, especially compared to the rest of the Regiment.
av Anon 3. april 2005
hymen thrasher
That HT is one heck of a guy.
av Anonymous 5. august 2003
a n00by t00 sh0es
your such a ht
av kos 26. august 2003
A pro online gamer
av Anonymous 7. august 2003

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