Silk Deep Bahatti
This Hoe Bag is sleeping in my bed on new years eve.
av Garrett Giuffre WHAT! 31. desember 2008
Another term for hoe, slut, or a dirty bitch. (Jack's word)
That nigga be pimpin' those hoebags.
av nancee 16. mars 2003
a hoe, but moreso
You hoe-bag!!!
av Ram-Dawg 14. mai 2003
A girl who knows he's your man but fucks him anyways.

that stupid hoe bag slept with my Husband/Boyfriend.
av Kathy R 2. februar 2008
a person that is a cesspool for sperm
yeah dude BJ is such a freakin hoebag
av Jacob42 12. mai 2007
Slut, Dirty Nasty Slut, Whore, Disease Infested, Hoe Bag
Shut up you fucking Hoe Bag
av Einstein 2. januar 2003
a type of sac or bag, usually made of burlap that hoes and other gardening tools are placed in for travel by foot or bicycle
i put my stuff in that hoebag
av Sean "record holder" Eggel 14. juli 2003
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