A word that used to simply mean happy. This word was stolen by homosexuals to define their sexual orientation, and is now being stolen from the gays by a generation of youths to describe something that is stupid.
Gays are not happy that the word they stole is being stolen from them.
av RobsanX 23. mai 2007
someone that is equal to everyone
"Oh, he's gay? Okay."
av Relgnad 27. mai 2015
no soul or happiness.
i have gay all the time.
av Bellypower 21. juli 2009
A male who likes other males.
Mike likes Rob. Mike want's Rob to shove his dick up Mike's ass. Mike is gay.
av your mother's gaping asshole 22. juni 2015
that was really gay
av in the guys ass whole 14. mai 2015
Its okay to be gay lets rejoice with the boys in the gay waaaaaay!
inside jokes are funny amirite
av uhe 14. mai 2015
1 Homosexual
2 Bad, annoying (for douchebags)
3 Happy
1 It was a gay party
2 It was a gay party
3 It was a gay party
av xX EQUALITY Xx 1. mai 2015

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