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To ruin or spoil, especially through stupidity.
Did you fuckup the computer?
av Brad 3. februar 2003
132 51
To severely beat someone, usually in a fight.
He's gonna fuck up John when he finds out his bitch slept with him.
av Jo 19. juli 2003
205 126
One who is can't do anything fucking right!
jim your such a fuckup
av Daniel 23. oktober 2002
109 45
A person who is a complete fuckup in life. Someone who can't hold a job, can't get laid, can't mantain a relationship, mooches off everyone like a little parasite and shits on everyone who knows them. Even their own family hates their guts. A complete failure in every aspect of life.
That Rehmeyer sure is a fuckup, why dosnt he just obliterate himself and call it day?
av kr3493k322 13. februar 2008
91 31
short for "shut the fuck up."
if somebody is talking and you want them to stop you say, "fuck up."
av johnny510jaystar 17. februar 2009
89 39
Someone who could wreck a steel ball with a rubber mallet. A Yale educated president who can't pronounce the word "nuclear".
That guy is a fuckup. I got him out of Vietnam and now he won't even show up for National Guard duty.
av Ofay 24. desember 2004
66 36
1. Someone who has ruined thier chances in life and has caused most of their own problems.
2. Sometimes used in heated discussion as a substitute for "shutup".
1. Jon is a fuckup
2. Fuckup jon! You're starting to annoy me!
av patrick_is_so_amazing 2. mai 2008
39 21