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To be fake ( used in the dirty south MIA baby)
1. Man he lie about everything, he flaw.
av jazzy 15. november 2003
704 444
A band. Only The Strong baby!
Your only cool if you like Flaw.
av Kool Cat Erin 13. oktober 2004
363 191
a great industrial (not nu-metal you dumb fucker) band that can capture the emotion of ones life and make it apply to everyone.
Flaw's album Through The Eyes is one of the best I own.
av anjr00 17. juli 2003
468 297
a really kick ass band....the guy above me is a fuckin cocksmoker
"The song "payback" by Flaw is great!!!"
av Nate 5. juli 2003
363 210
a kick ass band with provocative and moving lyrics that can touch any individual, even one who has not experienced said event reflected throughout the lyrics.
flaw kicks ass.
av phjls83 31. juli 2003
378 229
Something you don't like about yourself and it bugs you. Don't worry everyone has flaws.
Person 1: I hate my body. I feel to fat and some times I feel to skinny.

Person 2: My Flaws is my teeth. They're too crooked and I need braces.
av FLAWS 9. januar 2010
98 57
Fuckin' lame-ass weak sauce.
Dude Albo, Kristin is totally flaws...

-Albo: I know right...
av JesTeR' 19. januar 2010
76 42