he pumps iron to the point of looking ridiculous and wears little shirts often preys on younger girls....has ridiculous meaningless tattoos like tribal or chinese lettering tattoo. checks his self out whenever there is an opportunity. has more hair product then most woman.
Hey Johnny needs to stop chugging those protein shakes and injected steroids while listening to little wayne and hitting on that bleach blond bimbo or else he is doomed to be a 'dudebro'
av xosugartitsox 13. juli 2008
(1) Commonly used phrase by Armenian/Persian-Americans to address another person(s) regardless of time, place, or situation. The phase is an equivalent to the use of the word "dude" as a universal pronoun.

Users of the phrase will be commonly seen wearing Affliction/Ed Hardy/any-skull-or-dark-printed tshirts, jeans, shoes, accessories and the likes OR matching track suits with white sneakers. Motor vehicle of choice are BMW, Mercedes, or Inifinity with minor exceptions to other rice rockets deemed fast-looking without actually being able to compete in any types of races requiring speed. It will be rare for users of the phrase to be seen alone in public. Thus, it is common to witness a group of individuals using the phrase at a discussion setting. However, the dress code still applies to the group.
Dude bro... trans music is beeeest muzzic... European music... beeeeest muzzic
av random_user111 2. desember 2010
The above definitions for dude bro hit the mark very well. The only aspect left out is that a dude bro is COMPLETELY insecure in what he understands manhood to be. When a dude bro is away from others of his type and put in a situation with a group of older men (30+), he has no adequate defense mechanisms. He is not used to seeing how real men act and quickly retreats to his mama boy posse.

In more white trash areas of the country, a dude bro can be seen wearing gangsta shorts that resemble high water pants and walking like he has just shit himself.

Dude bro music is indeed top 40 drivel and white boy rap. The best way to compare a dude bro to the disappearing breed of real men is this: a dude bro could be seen on powderpuff MTV or VH1 reality shows but you would never see a dude bro on Ice Road Truckers or The Deadliest Catch.
Dude Bro 1: Hey dude, your '04 lowered Honda is the shizzle! I can get in no prob with my dwarf-like legs, bro!

Dude bro 2: I training to become a cage fighter!!!
av bighoss 1. august 2010
an 18-24 year old american male, generally Caucasian, who wears birkenstock sandals along with polos (sometimes pink) that have their collars "popped", watches Family Guy, plays ultimate frisby, and wears an upside-down visor or a baseball cap with a pre-frayed brim.

Dude Bros are also known to listen to music such as Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Incubus, and crappy rap artists that are played constantly on the radio. Some dude bros enjoy playing Gamecube due to the fact that they become mesmerized that they can play games on a cube while drinking beer.

Dude bro's are incredibly insecure in their manhood, which makes them: insanely jealous of their girl friends, overly macho, and laughably homophobic.
dude bro 1: "hey dude! wanna go chill?"
dude bro 2: "sup bro? sure, we can play gamecube..."

another example would be the guy who wrote the definition for wakeboarder
av that_one_kid 24. september 2007
a friendly greeting or form of address
'dude' (a man, a guy) in junction with 'bro' (a friend, chum, pal)
Dude-bro! It has been a while since we've hung out.

Don't worry dude-bro, I've got you covered.
av RK5000 14. april 2010
18- 40 year old guy. Some key characteristics are the following: 1) travels in packs of similar kind 2) restaurant of choice is BW3 or local establishment that serves wings and has lots of tvs for sports 3) always drives a truck even though it's rarely used for it's intended purpose 4) plays tons of video games that involve violence or football 5) roots for a college they didn't attend 6) has been in community college for the last 4 years in "business" 7) lives with their parents or a group of guys 8) wears a jersey out on a Saturday night 9) chews tobacco and always carries a spittoon around (bottle) 10) likes movies that are action packed 11) wears a small gold chain 12) good chance they have a DUI 13) dates girls that have no idea who the vice president is 14) wears boxers and makes sure people see them 15) likes rap, classic rock or country.
Most guys at BW3s are Dude Bros.
av vandergoose 24. oktober 2011
A term referring to the sexually frustrated and socially incapable young males who all wear the same style of clothes, stalk the same females, and repeatedly talk in gay voices to eachother. It is generally very easy to spot a dude-bro, if you hear the word 'gay' or 'faggot' used in a derogatory way, look for a sideways hat or a Thirsty Thursday shirt(or collared shirt) and you will see a dude-bro.
Me: "Those guys just said Broken Social Scene is gay."
Fellow Intellectual: "But Broken Social Scene is the greatest band ever!"
Me: "Yeah, they must be dude-bros."
av Static-Sleep 1. april 2007
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