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Removing of the organs.
I shall disembowel psycho bitch.
av Kung-Fu Jesus 30. april 2004
43 10
1) removing of organs
2) what i would like to do to all the sick pedaphile fucks in this world
i want to disembowel that bastard with my knife
av Sotel 15. mai 2005
27 16
Doom/Death Metal band from Australia. One of the Godfathers of Funeral Doom/Death Doom, and arguably one of the first extreme metal acts from Australia

Released two demos, en EP entitled dUsk and one full length entitled Transcendence into the Peripheral. Split-up soon after recording the full length.

The band has now risen to legendary status throughout the metal community around the world.
Person 1. Dude! Disembowelments 'Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores' kick ass!
Person 2. Pantalgia comp version is better!
av Morkner 12. juni 2013
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