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City in Newfoundland, Canada
I live in dildo

no joke, its a town
av Chach 4. mars 2003
9743 2381
Mans rival. Inserted into the pussy in place of a real dick. usually bigger than normal becouse size matters.
go run to your dildo bitch
av anonymous 22. juni 2003
7166 2880
Same as soybeans, both are used as a MEAT substitute.
av Collegebums 22. august 2003
6391 3169
A plastic penis that
a. women pleasure themselves with
b. women pleasure other women with
c. men use in their poop tubes

made for pleasure
Ram that dildo up my poop tube, you gay son of a bitch!
av Kara 31. mars 2003
5664 3012
a girl's best friend.
i don't need you!!!!!! I've got a dildo that is 8 inches longer than your dick!!!
av princessmetoo098 19. august 2003
4570 2461
a plastic rod that people pleasure themselves with. it is often accompanied with a lubricant and a videocamera.
i thought it would be funny to shove a dildo in my boyfriend's ass when he wasn't looking to see how he felt about anal sex, but for some reason he didn't like it.
av angie scott 20. februar 2003
3198 1785
a fake penis used by women and men who like to take it up the ass.
Usually made to be much larger than a normal penis.
Carla shrieked and threw down her mother's purse in disgust after finding a dildo in there
av Fatass 25. februar 2003
2509 1446