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The act of hitting a person (usually across the face) with your penis.

The name comes from the sound it makes on impact.
First person to pass out tonight recieves a 'clumping'.
av Fitzyy 7. november 2006
38 14
the act of hitting someone in the arm in an a.d.d. fashion. often saying "thats it, your getting clumped"
-dude he fucked my girlfriend
-are you serious?
-yeah, he's getting a good clumping
av shayz oner 1. november 2010
21 8
The female genitalia.
Sally has a lovely clump.
av Dogburp 1. mai 2007
25 15
(n) clump - someone who is being lame; a loser.
1. Why are you being such a clump? Snap out of it!

Origin: The classic definition of clump is a small lump of something, and is generally used when describing something nasty. Hence the connection with someone whose behavior is reminiscent of an unappealing little lump of something gross.
av jasa jalt 18. mai 2010
10 5
The clump (on a fat person) is the roll of fat that starts just above the genitalia and ends under the belly-button.
Look at that fat persons clump.
av Mykel Flynn 17. november 2007
10 7
Clumps refers to someone who is gaining or has gained a good amount of body fat!
u got the Clumps u gained alot of weight!!
av sykedamenice 24. desember 2011
3 3
The female genitalia.
Sally's got a lovely clump
av Dogburp 29. april 2007
10 12