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1. Humans under the age of 13 or so. Many of which were accidently conceived. Lots of children these days are annoying, spoiled, bitchy and stupid. Commonly known as stupid short people.

2. Spawn of Satan hatched from a dark egg in the center of the earth with devils that are cutting themselves standing in a circle around it.
Little Kid: Mommy, buy me David beckham!

Mother: Dear, I just bought you Anna Kournikova yesterday! Ill buy you him for you next week. How about I buy you Ronaldinho first?

Little Kid: *Starts crying* BUT I DONT WANT RONALDINHO!!! BUY ME DAVID!!!!! *Starts rolling on the floor*

Mother: ......

Little Kid: You won't like me when I'm angry. FLAME ON! *Incinerates Mother"
av Gravitons 23. august 2005
911 334
The manifest divine wrath of a vengefull God in punishment for screwing.
God: Thou shalt button up thine fly or I shall become wroth with thee!

Guy: Uhhh, nay(?)


Child: Wah, scream, crap, cash drain etc...

Guy: Oh crud

God: I told thee...

Chick: Wheres my 75% share of your salary?

Guy: Oh crud

God: DONT say I didnt tell thee...
av Clem 21. februar 2005
827 338
A human being who is not yet fully mature. Often thought of as inferior to adults and dull-witted, hence generation after generation of people are becoming more and more stupid.
Child: i'm a happy and undomesticated human!
Society: *crushes spirit*
av Erszebet 17. mars 2006
490 103
The worst of all STDs, any man and woman can cause this, whether or not one is already suffering. They never leave you until death.
Children: the worst STD.
av Ezlo 27. juli 2008
456 200
the walking and breathing ad for safe sex
i wish i could of just gotten aids or something but god hates me so i got children
av RJ aka Rolla Stout 5. januar 2009
333 132
Nature's way of saying, "You should have used a condom, fucktard!"
av Valintino the Big Surpremo 25. august 2010
234 92
The main cause of pedophilia.
"You know what I say? fuck the children".
-George Carlin, about the importance of children.
av Dude of Death 29. mars 2009
282 146