a word that black people use to say ass
he touched my bonkis said the niggerpotamus
av PlayDohMan 2. mars 2005
Top Definition
a sarcastic way of relating to breasts or a penis
"Wanna pet my wenis while I play with your bonki?"

**low demonic voice** BOOOONKKIIIII!!
#bonkey #bonky #bonkie #wenis #weenis #wienis #penis #peenis #boobs #breast #breasts #tits
av AuDioFreaK39 17. desember 2005
Is a girl with some Sass. Her name is Julie and she lives in a tree. i think she stole my grandmothers underwear saying it'll be more supportive for her own body.

Hi Julie
Yo that Bonki is WHACK!
av danny 11. april 2005
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