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big butt is a girl with a big ass
sarah mendez is also known as big butt by her boyfriend sexy man gil
av pimp daddy dollars 2. mars 2005
153 66
Sir Mixalot likes them and he cannot lie-- His other brothers can't deny.
Sir Mixalot: I like big butts and I cannot lie.
Other Brothers: We can't deny.
av Sir Anthony Ray 25. oktober 2008
92 17
A person with a large behind..also calld big booty, etc.
Steve: "Man That Girl Has A Big Butt"

Blake: "Ya, Krista R. Sure Has A Big Butt"
av wacky lou 18. mai 2009
71 42
a real loser that is very stupid and does nothing but be a loser all day
omg aysha is deffinatly a big butt
av sicko13 26. juli 2011
20 62