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the word alot and a little combined together.

meaning a little bit more than alot.
they love each other alottle.
av yummyummandbuttbutt 21. januar 2009
the opposite of a little. someone will bring up how little you like a particular thing and you come back with this word
So you like dudes now?
not really just a little...
Yeah right! you like them a lottle!
av nigga Jay 8. august 2007
It's like a little, but a lot
I love you a lottle
av Quakerz 7. januar 2015
A large quantity of something or to say something is more than average.
You're silly, alottle silly.
av TheCavalier 10. august 2010
it's a little except a lot.
I love you a lottle.
av xXKITTYXx^~^ 26. mars 2016
thoughts are supposed to create good grammar but dont always & infact the jibberish that comes out of ones mouth after neurotransmitters misfire can sometimes end up creating unique, efficient, cunning, ingenuous, thought invoking words that most importantly crack the lips with a pearly white smile followed by a good chuckle. 'alottle' comes from my girlfriend asking how much salt to add to a salsa recipe i then replied while thinking, not too much BUT more than a little "ALOTTLE".
av skinnybigguns 24. februar 2010
saying its a little bit but lying because its a lot
I love you just a lottle bit
av gabbystorring 24. februar 2015
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