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Black person, nigger, african-american.
Look at this walking turds lips.
#nigger #black people #african-american #dumb fucks #fuckheads
av Rest In Piss 5. februar 2011
When u take a dump, crap, turd.... u know. And it starts to move and u say, "What the Hell?" and then it attacks u
Alex: "Damn man, I found a walkingturd in my toilet yesterday"
Jim: "Wow"
#beans #turd #jim #alex #poop
av Awesomedude32 16. februar 2009
A person that has a tendency to dress in brown frequently.

The word was created when Nick was wearing a brown shirt, brown sweater, brown shoes, and listening to his brown Zune. We then called him a walking turd.

Also used to define a UPS man (see turd on wheels)
Did you see Nick yesterday? He was like a walking turd!
#poop #turd #crap #shit #pooping
av Jewnyer 14. februar 2007
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