A person who has a diet strictly of non-meat. Yet still wearing clothes made of animals which makes them look like an idiot. They shove the fact that they're a Vegan in other peoples face. They are usually loud and annoying and most people wan't to kill these people. Vegans also tend to show people videos of animals dying in factories to be made into meat products. No one gives a flying fuck, things die all the fucking time. Get the fuck over it and eat some meat. It's not going to kill you, you fucking pussy.
Mommy I've become a Vegan.
You're a disgrace to this family Johnny. Nobody likes you and you should kill yourself.
av Furker 16. juni 2016
A term used to describe someone that is being oversensitive and/or pedantic. Named after vegans, who are usually quite overprotective when people have a valid opinion on their lifestyle, and are just plain hipsters- with an extra dose of cuntyness.
Dave- Hey Courtney, wanna go out for a drink with me sometime?
Courtney- NO! I'm too busy! I can't believe you'd ask me something like that, asshole!
Dave- Jesus... No need to be so fucking Vegan about it Courtney...

Katie- Hey Josh! do you want me to grab you some McDonalds on the way home from work?
Josh- Erm no. I'm having a wheatgrass wrap for dinner, thanks! I don't need your shitty junk food!
Katie- Josh, why are you being such a fucking hipster all of a sudden?
Josh- STFU Katie. Its a lifestyle... Of course I'm not a hipster! Asshole!

*hangs up*
Katie- ARRGH! Why does Josh have to be so vegan sometimes?!
av XxX_5crub_Fukr_69_XxX 23. november 2015
A person who realizes that eating animal products and by products is not ok.Knows that everyone isnt vegan and accepts that.This person usually also realizes that billions of rabbits,mice,insects, and other animals are killed in grain processing,and resents that,but does not understand how people who eat grains AND animal products can say this because these things are equally cruel.Has less percentage of getting various cancers than meat eaters and vegetarians.Contrary to popular belief, actually cares about other people and their ideas because everyone has the right to express their feelings for or against veganism.
Dude: Hey want this well done steak?

Vegan: Nah, I'm vegan.

Dude: Wow, how do you survive? I mean doesnt milk have protein and stuff?

Vegan: Yup, but soy milk has the same amount and less fat and I can take supplements if I feel like I'm not getting my vitamins.

Dude:Oh ok, I've never had anyone explain it to me that way, I guess vegans arent that bad after all.

Vegan:Aww thanks, can you pass the peas?
av *bunny;] 15. januar 2008
One who eats no meat, or anything from an animal. They do not use anything that comes from an animal either.
Oh Taylor's vegan. Her mom bought her a wool blanket and she gave it to me!
Also she cried when we tried to take her to Saltgrass Steakhouse.
av Er!n 10. mai 2008
Someone who doesn't understand the evolutionary history of "Teeth."
John stood tall, and proudly proclaimed his Veganism - prior to dropping to the floor due to his microcytic aenemia resulting from iron deficiency, bone degredation from calcium deficiency, and fatal pernicious anemia from B12 deficiency. Poor John.
av staratsx 20. september 2011
Vegans have actually researched how their bodies work.
They realise that our entire digestive system works the best when supplied with plantfood.
This is supported by SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.
They have also realised that eating meat gives you a HIGHER CHANCE OF GETTING CANCER.
They are generally fit, healthy looking and aren't fat-asses. There are many vegan atheletes and awesome-looking celebrities so dont give me your mal-nutrition bullshit.
They also sit and laugh at people who sit and preach about how little animals get stuck under harvesting equipment, because the meat and dairy industries are one of the leading contributors to global warming and also ruin the lives of poorer people in countries overun by soya plantations (95% of which are used to feed livestock).
Do some research, THEN argue against veganism, or maybe you can't, because there is no arguement. There is just ignorance.
I'm a vegan, and i actually care about other people which i why i like to let people know that they are killing themselves with a diet they've been brainwashed into believing is good for them by the multi-billion dollar meat and dairy corporations. Sorry for bothering you.
av Notadummy 3. juni 2011
n. Two potatoes next to a carrot (one on either side).
Woman sucking a vegan

Husband: Honey... what are you doing?

Woman: Well would you rather have me sucking a person! Let me cook in peace!
av Carnivorous Ed 15. februar 2010
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