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Slang for 'somewhat'.
It can be summat annoying but necessary.
av StephenSLR 16. februar 2011
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Yorkshire slang for "something."
Can also, more specifically, mean "something like that."
I'm going to go watch TV, or summat.
av Jack 5. august 2003
A word used to shorten the phrase, "Something like that".
John Doe said to his friend, "I think I will go catch a movie or summat."
av Rob Feind 21. august 2006
Slang meaning "something like that."
I'll have to tie you to the dog or summat.
av Are-kun` 13. desember 2006
some of that
I want summat
av Dani 21. mai 2003
The top level, a peak, the top of a mountain, gathering of leaders
"There is a radar station on this mountain's summat".
av brainfreeze218 12. august 2009

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