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Seattle Hip-Hop producer
J-Dubbie, Young Buck, The Originals, S.A.T.
av ByThePound 21. september 2009
2 4
Standard Ass Titties. Usually B cup.
Jack: "Maggie over there is at least a B cup."
Bill: "Yea man, she has got some straight SATs."
av The Jug Tuggler 26. juni 2010
6 9
An abbreviation for " Sorry about that sir "
I contacted a local business and asked a question.
The person who answered the phone apologised and said " Wouldn't have a clue, sats "
av Stias 9. september 2005
8 12
An acronym for the expression "Sick Ass Tits" which is an expression for something that is cool, or interesting.
"Jay's new truck is SAT!"
"That touchdown was so SAT!"
av SATkevinD 27. mai 2009
4 12
Stupid Ass Trick
tell yo girl she's a SAT
av D Ollie 10. juli 2008
5 17
Sublimely Assinine Test
I failed the S-A-T verbal section...i spelled my name wrong
av Bendizzle 1. september 2005
5 18
a slang term for a care bear (from the tv show)
today i saw a sats walking down the street
av brianpeppers 13. desember 2005
1 15