Top Definition do the nasty
av ME 15. mai 2003
bang, hump, sex
torrie romped me
av jess 14. august 2003
a sexual action
torrie romped me
av jess 14. august 2003
1. To chill.
2. To blaze.
3. To rock.
4. To have sex.

Can be also be said "rompING, rompER, or rompED"
"Yo man, lets just go romp."
"Shit I'm burning out, lets go romp agian"
"That dude is so cool, he fucking ROMPS!"
"Remeber that chick I was talking to last night? Ya, we romped HARD."
av Layla Jane Ward 28. desember 2007
to have sexual intercourse
Yo i romped your bitch last night
av LEAH 23. desember 2002
Roll On My Penis
Will you ROMP please?
av ChrisS. 10. juli 2008
to engage in a sexual activity, usually involving a penis. (69, analingus, fillatio, standing 69, doggy, mitionary, cowboy.)
Man I totally ROMP'd Connor last night, it was amazing!
av itsromp'ntimexD 8. november 2009

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