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When a chick's tits disappear into her pits when she lays down without a bra. They look real good and then she takes off her bra and they just disappear into her pits.
Her doubles D's disappeared when she took off her bra. What a disappointment. Fuck those are some major pit-tits.

That chick has major pit-tits. When she lays down, they disappear into her pits.
av Hans Porias 26. mars 2009
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Fat or flesh that can't be classified as back fat or actual breast tissue that hangs under the arms. They are the counterpart to Bingo Wings, the excess fat or sagging skin

on the upper arms. When not compressed by the bra of a band or other "foundation garment", excessive pit tits can prevent the owner from drawing their arms to their ides, giving them a sumo wrestler stance.
I wish it were possible to moosh my pit tits into the cups of my bra. Maybe then, I wouldn't need a wonderbra just to look proportionate.
av Ephemily 10. januar 2013
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Large, bulbous fatty deposits just below the shoulder and armpit area. Usually (but not exclusively) located on a person's back.
Darla is a whole lotta woman. I gave her a hug and found myself with a coupla handfuls of pit tits.
av puswami 5. juli 2012
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