To observe something.
Yo playa, lemme peeps that.
av will 30. mars 2005
two people on the same soccer team that are very close friends
those 2 r really close they are also peeps
av nate kutok 11. juni 2003
Short for penis. Type of word you might here a child saying.
He's got a peeps and she's got a 'giner.
av James L 8. mars 2005
refers to mens testicles.
That guy got 2 peeps, but dem aliens got 3 or 4 even!
av singleweird 27. juli 2005
To see or check out.
"Peep my mixtape"
av nicholasjr1 18. mai 2016
A vagina or penis
Jackson: Bruh I stink forreal

Taylor: Its probably your stinky peep
av fuckmefuckmefuckmeINTHEASS 22. mai 2016
Your friends. Your circle. Your family. Your partners
Tbier my peeps
#friends #circle #.poeple #uncle
av Btyleese 1. september 2015
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