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Striking a pose in such a manner as to mimic the great Ted Nugent. This pose includes a bend in both knees in a similar move to a lunge. You must also lean your upper body back slightly. What you do with your hands is up to you. Popular choices are hands on the hips, throwing up two hands so as to suggest that you are rocking out, or playing air guitar. Sometimes, thrusting your pelvis along with the lunge is necessary.
Did you just see that guy nuge it out on the dance floor?
av Ted H 3. desember 2007
17 18
Badass, Cool, or Awesome or in otherwords Rockin like the great Uncle Ted Nugent.
Look at the ass on the chick over there.. Ya shes fuckin Nuuuuuugggge dude!! or lets do a shot of Jager..... Nuge!!!
av COolhandluke001 28. september 2009
9 16
Act of crapping yourself.
What's that smell did someone nuge their pants?
av DrPeppr 12. januar 2008
15 28