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Lyman High School is the shittiest school to learn ever. I went there for all four years of my high school career, and I didn't learn a single thing during my stay. Everybody there pretends to be smart, but whenever you are in a class with them, they ask the dumbest questions ever. They have the worst football team ever, and anytime that anyone has ever gone to one, they always end up cheering for the other team.
A usual day at Lyman High School

Teacher: Then you just reduce
Student: Does X + X = X^2?
Everyone else: *Laughing*
av ALymanGraduate 27. mai 2013
4 3
Lyman High School is probably the crappiest high school in Florida. There are a lot of kids there that do drugs, they suck at every sport except bowling(if you would even count that as a sport). They are such a crappy high school that they actually have a magnet program to attract wealthier smart kids to their school, I know because this is actually why I went there. PS don't go, its a scary place!
Lake Mary Kid: Hey did you hear Jimmy is going to Lyman High School on the magnet program?
Other Lake Mary Kid: Oh shoot! I hope he doesn't get shanked!
av LymanKid 6. august 2012
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