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A rather... hilarious alternate name for the couple of Spock and Kirk from Star Trek TOS.
Fangirl : OMG, I, like, SOOOOOO see why people ship Kock!
other person: Call it Spirk, you idiot. People already stare at us funny.
av The Closet Fangirl 1. april 2010
39 12
Aternate spelling of cock used to infer that your boss is a penis.
Used to avoid swear filters in corporate systems.
Chris is such a kock
av Jeremy Boorassa 8. juli 2005
22 22
another way to spell cock; penis
av d 1. oktober 2003
17 18
Swedish word for chef.
mm.. This chef is good!
av QauNuckShin 25. mars 2004
22 26