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A common word used in Scotland, deep in the Highlands. 'Jube' can be defined as a word that can fit any sentance. However, it is mostly used as a replacement for the word 'not' in a joke form. Jube is a very hard word to define but perhaps the examples will see you through...
Rory: Peter, this suit is black....jube.
Peter: Rory are you drunk??
Rory: Jube aye, not on a school day.
Peter: See thst new car of mine its a beast
av Rory1992 20. desember 2007
72 46
A thick area of extremely curly pubic hair (pubes), typically looking like a jew fro.
Have you SEEN Pat's jubes?!
av Nick Mladineo 19. oktober 2007
43 27
a jewish ladies boobs, or breasts or tits or melons or ballons or misquito bites
"What do you call a jewish womans boobs?...JUBES!!"
"Look at those jubes on Zac's mom."
av Zac Dyrstka 12. april 2007
26 17
Sadam is a jube.
av Kisb 26. juni 2003
52 47
Jewish pubic hair. Term is most commonly used in reference to the curly dark hairs that will congregate along the rim of the toilet bowl in a Jewish bachelor's studio apartment.
"By the number of jubes on the rim of the toilet, it was apparent Moishe hadn't cleaned the bathroom for quite a few Shabbats."
av WizardofOzdil 28. juni 2007
45 41
A mix of ginger and pubes, used to describe someone with ginger pubes
Melissa: Lets go swimming

Beth: yes, are you going to wear your swimming costume?

Melissa: Yes

Beth: well make sure you have shaved your jubes then
av Mellybabez 9. juli 2010
6 4
the act of skeeting on something
Bro i jubed all over the place
av jubemaster 2. oktober 2008
6 5