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1.The man who claims, innacurately, to be the President of the United States even though Al Gore got more votes.

2. A highly destructive, religiously-crazed, unconstitutional maniac who has no regard for his own people or the people of the rest of the world.
That George W is trying to trick us again by calling that piece of logging legislation the "Healthy Forests Act."
av Smashrgrl 10. desember 2003
518 135
Retarded meglomaniac
av anonymous 23. september 2003
624 167
The American Idiot of American Idiots and a Village Idiot
George W is an American and a Village Idiot.
av Andreasantoni 13. mai 2008
490 63
George W Bush
George W is a total moron.
av anonymous 18. juni 2003
578 224
The act of slaughtering many people...

Used because of the highest ever number of executions under George W. Bush as governor and other things such as the War on Iraq.
Dude: "Man, that was so George W!"

Republican: "Thank you."

Dude: "What the fuck?!"
av wez-1 14. august 2005
382 85
The son of George Bush.So as not to be confused with the Father
V.O. "Is George W here?"
Doorman. "Do you mean the Father or the Son?"
V.O. "No the singer."
av seaumus 16. februar 2005
317 63
a woman who has a monster bush (very,very hairy vagina).
WHOA!!!! Hey Liz you better change your name to George W. if you don't shave that nasty bush!!
av poser1212 17. september 2011
5 0