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Condensed term for Fanny Rubbing, the female form of arse kissing. Usually found in internet forums.
Bec: "You always have something intelligent and witty to say Nikki."
Nikki: "Why thanks Bec, you are so kind and lovely."
Ems: "Stop frubbing, bitches, you're making the room smell!"
av NikkiEtonMess 28. juni 2011
38 18
stands for Fat Repulsive Ugly Bastard
Shut it you frub!!!!!
av liam fisher 28. april 2007
29 19
Frub: A mix of Nub and Frow, particularly used when someone "pulls a frow and fucks everything up".
"Look at this dude. What a frub."
av Trollololololololololollllll 25. mars 2012
6 2
Frub is a derogatory word used to describe a repulsive female. It is an acronym for Fat Retarded Ugly Bitch.
The girl over there is a frub. She looks like a rat.
av vmbza 25. mai 2007
21 17
Short for freaking scrub
Dude, that kid sam is such a frub!
av Shanethechank 23. februar 2011
4 4
an uncommonly used expression referring to an object or subject of little to no worth; also a bubbly substitute for crap or shit. Origen- the Davemiester, Malden MASS
"The song we sang about Dave is such a piece of frub."
av Rich 24. februar 2005
8 14
Slang for jerking off
Aww man are you frubbing again?
av trip 24. november 2003
8 25