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First created by the normans, it has since gone down hill. Now it is the dumping ground for teenage mothers claiming council houses & benefits, drug addictswho get high by sniffing pritt sticks and young teens who think they are 'hard'(People who visit are often asked if they have 40p for the bus by these teens.)
Visit feltham community college during a "Mufti Day" to see the wide range of clothing and language that the primative felthamers wear. Phrases consist of "Got a fag?", "Fuk off", "Do ya want beef?", "I got dis schott jacket for a tenner down kempton market innit" and for the males - "I fucked Chelsea last nite"
av Spammy 21. desember 2004
191 81
Feltham, Once famed for being a mans town where strangers were not welcomed. You would not dare walk in the pubs around there unless you was a known face. Birth place of the "Numaniods" Gary Newmans elite following. Feltham has been on a very slippy slope since the late 80's. The influx of ethnics and refugees which has spreed in from nieghbouring London has left its youth very confused as to what they want to be when they grow up. Before every one wanted to grow up being a racist holigan but now they want to be racist holigan while talking black. Teenage Pregnacy and cousin shagging other topics Feltham has become associated with. Chances are if you were born living in Feltham before 1990 there is a good chance you Dad is your Grandad and your Mother is your sister.
Feltham child says "Hello Mum why do we have the same Dad"
av Lee Roy Morgan 15. april 2010
42 41
Feltham is located in West London. Home of Chav's, Jezzy's & Ghetto people. In the high street you regularly see teenage boys filming thier 'hood' tapes, claiming that they live in the hood, struggling hard.
Longford Community School (Rivers Academy) and Feltham Community School ( Feltham Academy), both schools in Feltham have a rivalry. Resulting in a Annual Fight.
"Did you hear about the fight in Feltham Park".
av Msdynamite 17. september 2011
21 31