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Fix your fucking shit.
Dear {Software Developer},

We received your new build. It doesn't work. FYFS.

Much love.
av Anti-Distinctlyminty 12. september 2011
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When someone assumes something they are asking to get their face fucked. Assumptions are bad and when one assumes their face must get fucked.
Dude1="That job didn't go so well."

Dude2="Yeah they shouldn't have assumed all the stuff would get done for them"

Dude1="Well you know what happens when you assume."

Dude2="Yeah, you get your face fucked."

Dude1="FYF mother fucker".
av osiris123d 2. juli 2009
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Fuck Your Feelings
Selena: Babe I love you!
Luis: F.Y.F bitch I only love Pussy
Selena: Fuck you then F.L.I.P

Luis: GTFO out my car Slut!
Selena: asshole =(
av iM rEAL 7. desember 2009
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fuck your face
av CUBAN VALIS 15. juli 2008
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Acronym for Fist Your Family.

1. Used to express displeasure with one's request.

2. Can also be used in place of FYI when providing information.

3. A synonym for FYEF.
dude1: Hurry up in the shower, we're late for Slugfest.

dude2: FYF!
av kev_g 3. desember 2010
34 27
Fuck your own face.
Disregard the 453 miles we drove in the wrong direction for our vacation, go ahead and stay south. But go ahead and FYF.
av That will not stand 26. april 2011
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It is an abbreviation for telling another person to fuck their own face. It stands for "F.uck Y.our F.ace." A person who is using this expression may state the letters as "F-Y-F" or pronounce it as one word as "fyf" which rhymes with the word "life."

F.Y.F. is derived from telling somebody "to take a step back and literally fuck your own face"
Justin: "You know Rob, you are a total douche bag!"
Rob: "Well you can go F.Y.F."

An angry and pissed off Tom Cruise would respond with: "Now I want you to take a step back... and literally fuck your face!"

"Why don't you go and fyf?"
av iSHREDonGuitar87 30. desember 2009
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An acronym for "FUCK YOUR FACE." This can refer either to:

1. The physical act of a penis (or other sexual instrument) violently and repeatedly entering a facial orifice (ear, nose, mouth, eye socket) to the point of satisfaction or

2. A "curse" on someone, such as, "Fuck You."

The fucking of one's face is often perpetuated by several individuals at a time, sometimes as many as 53.
Example 1:

Person 1: "Fuck your face."

Person 2: "Don't mind if I do!"

Example 2:

Person 1: "Hey man, I've been standing in line for a while to FYF. Do you mind standing in place for the next guy so he can go be a fuck somewhere else?

Person 2: "Sure buddy, who's it for?"

Person 1: "It's for 53."

Person 2: "Fuck.....FYF.......got it. The first 52 guys got here fast eh?"
av Kent the Mad Dog 13. januar 2012
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