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The term used commonly to poke fun at someone who has made either a spelling or gramatical error whilst trying to appear as a person of intelligence. This is emphasised with the intentional mispronounciation of the word "educated".
Sarah: "I really hope they make an inception for me, seeing as how I'm new to this."

Luke: "It's exception idiot. Damn, I can tell that you've been well edumacated.
av LoopholeTT 20. juni 2009
77 23
another word for educated. Slang.
"Yo, school makes me edumacated!"
av tmnt 2. mai 2005
100 54
Term for a person who has a good education but is still an idiot.

Simple observation shows that 80% of people are edumacated.

My highly qualified unemployment advisor told me that I needed to take basic reading & writing classes.
He also wrote that I was going to look to local youth clubs for "advise" regarding work.
av I got stank in my eyes 15. mars 2010
48 11
Teaching young ones how to masturbate
I edumacated tommy in the art of masturbation
av sixty9ingrhinos 5. november 2011
7 52