Usually associated with satan and hell etc. but is often philosophical and nihilitist, rather that just purely satanic. Highly technical and complicated form of music, which sounds harsh and raw because of harsh growly vocals and heavy use of distortion and bass on songs. All death metal songs and bands do not sound the same, each one has different riffs and every band has their own vocal style, because nobody growls/rasps the same as anybody else. Covers a wide age range (just go to a gig) and is not racist. (thats a minority of heaveily satanic black metal, e.g. Burzum, who believed in dominancy of the aryan populace of norway) Sepultura have a black singer currently so that screws that argument. Anyone who thinks that death metal is all the same, then they don't have to listen to it, and don't have to slag of fans of the genre for ENJOYING the music. We don't simply do it to look hard.
Possessed, Death, Morbid Angel, At the Gates, Nile, Cannibal Corpse to name but a few, all from different areas of the death metal spectrum.
av jacob 17. september 2003
Death metal is a genre of music unappreciated by the mainstreamers. Most of the members of death metal bands have day jobs with a few exceptions of the guys who have almost been at it 20 years now. These musicians do tour and as a drummer it is possible to play that fast, you just can't figure it out, because music on the radio only has one tempo per song, typically. People who are hyperactive or have undiagnosed adult ADD enjoy death metal because they can't listen to a 5 minute song with the same beat. Talented vocals by: Corpsegrinder, Steve Tucker, Glen Benton, and when he was alive, Chuck. Death metal is not all About satan. Morbid Angel's Lyrics for example Are often SUMERIAN influenced...A culture that existed 3000 years before christianity in the moder day middle east.Deicide(definition:to kill god) popularized the satanic aspect of death metal with songs like "once upon the cross", "Kill the christian" or "Satan Spawn, the caco-demon. More and more bands now use their origins in death metal to create unique and challenging philosophies. Enjoy Morbid Angel's 1998 Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, filled with verses of Bil-ur-Sag(lion head) and the anunnaki, The Ancient ones.
bil-ur-sag-li-lil-nig-hur-tul-ha-elm zalag!
av BAAL 14. mars 2004
Death Metal is a form of music evolved from thrash metal in the 1980s. The band Death popularized the name with the song "Death by Metal", as long as their name. The song by Possessed also gave the entire genre a debated name credibility which is still disputed to this day. Death Metal is catergorized by its gutteral growling vocals, thickened guitar tones with sometimes heavy distortion properties, and blast beats which can range from a normal to very fast speed. The vocals and drumming and the pure tell-all of a death metal band, the gutteral bellows are began in the stomach yet shaped with the throat to release a significant sound to raise and lower the pitch of the music in general, while the drumming is blast beat and dependant (mainly) upon the bass drums. Metal evolved through the days, adding elements to grow into Gore Metal, encorporate Grindcore into their elements (Death/Grind). The country and time changes the style, as can be seen through Dismember, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Nile, Origin, and the likes.
Death Metal is an extreme evolution of thrash.
av Anonymous 26. september 2003
one of the many forms of "extreme metal" alongside genres such as black metal and grindcore, death metal is characterised by heavily downtuned and distorted guitar riffs, extremely fast drumming (drum patterns such as blastbeats are often used, and harsh, guttural low pitched vocals, occasionally alongside high pitched screaming.

death metal comes in many sub-genres: brutal, technical, blackened, melodic, deathcore, etc etc, with the most "mainstream sound" coming from more melodic bands such as in flames or arch enemy.

brutal is a genre that is commonly associated with bands such as cannibal corpse, hate eternal and devourment. this is arguably the most heavy form of death metal with heavily downtuned guitaring, frequent blastbeats and extremely harsh guttural vocals. subject matter ranges from rape to necrophilia and everything in between.

technical/progressive death metal is a subgenre most commonly recognised by its extremely technical guitaring, with frequently changing song structures and uncommon time signatures. Examples include Necrophagist, Cryptopsy and to some extent Opeth.

Blackened death metal is a sort of fusion between death metal and some of the more melodic aspects of black metal, aswell as the subject matter such as satanism, the occult and general evil. Some early influences to the subgenre include deicide, immolation aswell as black metal bands such as marduk, bathory, burzum and mayhem, and prime examples of the subgenre are bands such as Behemoth, belphegor and zyklon.

melodic death metal is a fusion of heavy metal, death metal and other musical genres. The genre includes less harsh vocals although guttural growls are used sometimes, as well as blastbeats and uses downtuned/ distorted guitars less liberally. Started in scandinavia, or more specifically Gothenburg, Sweden, with the first bands that dubbed the genre as the "Gothenburg Sound". Pioneers of the genre are namely in flames and at the gates, and other examples include dark tranquility, amon amarth, arch enemy, entombed and nihilist.

deathcore is a fusion between death metal and "metalcore". As metalcore became more popular thanks to bands such as killswitch engage, other bands began to fuse metalcore already heavy aspects with a more death metal orientated sound; for example job for a cowboy. Many deathgrind bands are confused for deathcore.

deathgrind is a fusion between death metal with certain aspects of grindcore, such as the high pitched screaming, complex song structures and irregular time signatures. Some examples of deathgrind include cephalic carnage, pig destroyer, rotten sound and annotations of an autopsy.

notable death metal albums include:
Cannibal corpse- tomb of the mutilated/gallery of suicide
Arch Enemy-Wages of Sin
Hate Eternal- I, Monarch
Carcass- Necroticism: Descanting the Insolubrious
Deicide- Self Titled
Cephalic Carnage- Conforming to Abnormality
Job For A Cowboy- Doom
Annotations of an Autopsy- Before The Throne Of Infection

and many, many more
av KieranDoyle 17. juni 2008
Death metal is one of the extreme genres of heavy metal, along with black metal, thrash metal and... well, they're the only other ones worth noting. Death metal has roots in 80's thrash metal, usually in bands like Slayer and Venom, however, many bands also have roots in Grindcore, such as Carcass, Napalm death and Bolt Thrower. The genre is thankfully under-aprecciated, owing to it's fast, distorted guitars, rapid druming and blast beats, and low, "growling" vocals. It is actually good that the sub-genre is unknown, because many bands in metal have history of selling out after they "make it". Metallica for example, have a huge history of pissing on their thrash fans with every new album since the black album. Carcass is probably the best example of a death metal band, as it covers genres associated with death metal: death metal, grindcore (or goregrind) and melodic death metal. Carcass also tends to be the best death metal band in existence. A recent trend in Scandanavia seems to involve crossing genres, Children of Bodom, for example, are said to be a mixture of melodic death metal, melodic black metal and power metal. Despite it's dismissal by the mainstream music industry, death metal has many talented musicians, the "death growl" for example is extremely difficult to master, guitars can be incredibly complex, especially in melodic and even more-so, technical death metal, drums are fast and the best drummers incorporate difficult and complex techniques. If power metal is for fantasy nerds, death metal is for people who drink whiskey and shit dynamite, not unlike thrash metal and black metal.
At the Gates
Notable death metal bands include (but not limited to):
Cannibal Corpse
Children of Bodom
Bolt Thrower
In Flames(early)
Napalm Death
Sepultura (early)
av N00bKannon 22. mai 2008
Subgenre of metal that is mostly characterized by heavier detuned riffing and complex rhythmic compositions diversifying itself outside the blast beat ridden thrash metal predecessors. Vocals changed over from the raspy throaty vocals of thrash to gutteral roars. Early influences include Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and Death (considered one of the first death metal bands). Later death metal bands incorporated detuning from standard tuning (for their guitars and bass guitars) for a heavier sound as well as influences from jazz/fusion for multiple time signature changes, start and stop tempo changes etc.
Suffocation, Detrimental, Crimson Thorn, newer Boltthrower
av B. 25. januar 2004
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