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A clan of kids from Seattle who terrorized the city on Friday afternoons by going Downtown, or "deets".

They included such notorious people as:

"S. McBride", an intellectual Libertarian who was often overpowering in his opinions and an excellent debater.

"Rands", a moderate of sorts, seemingly managing to keep one foot in Clan Deets and one in the normal world. He was actually one of the ringleaders, and his calm attitude made him highly calculating.

"Scott", a small energetic boy with violent tendancies. Used as a mascot of sorts, he was considered to be "lovable" by many outsiders, but had deep obsessions with violence and crime, especially the Stanley Kubrick film, A Clockwork Orange.

"Siple", an indie-obsessed boy who dressed and acted only to offset the normalities of human culture. He kept a cool, calm demeanor and let little out about his personality, which led many to be intruiged about him, his striped shirts and long scarfs, and his interesting music.

"The Leader", "Kyle", "Kyo", "Kybes", the informal leader of the group, Kyle created much of the slang used by the clan and was the only thing holding them together for a long time. Kyle was a very physically and vocally abusive person who demanded attention with his attention and pure size. Slang created by Kyle includes bitts, coatsaf, and The Jooyah Disaster

This is only a partial list, of course.

They were eventually destroyed by ninja goblins, according to legend, wielding lightsabers, the only one to have his memory left intact was Kyle, while the others became functioning members of society.
"I got jumped by Deets and they took my money!"
av Grand Master Yourik 3. november 2004
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