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Ethnic group that makes up the vast majority of Bangladesh's population and the province of West Bengal in India. Bangalis speak Bangla (Bengali), the fifth most spoken language in the world. There are about 190 million of us. We off the hook. We gonna rule the world one day.
"Man, dat bengali's rockin' a fly lungi."
av ProfessorWonka 7. november 2003
bengali, usually followed by the word chick or girl, then by a drool.
bengali chicks are hotttt!!!!
av bengalisrhot 1. juni 2004
The people from the Origin of Bangladesh. These people are from Eastern part of South Asia. They speak Bangla/Bengali. They are mixed with various races, the most significant one is the mongoloid. Believe it or not, its true. That's why many Bengalis from Bangladesh have a very round face with high cheek bones, flat noses, small or chinky eyes, full lips, black strong hair, very short. Bengalis usually have a tan, or a very light brown color. Some do have a more tanned yellow skin. Many Bengalis look Filipino, Malaysian, Cambodian, Hispanic, Indian, Nepalese, Indonesian, and such. This proves that we have mongoloid blood in us. The main religion of Bangladesh is Muslim, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Many Bengalis like hip hop and pop music. The girls love Kpop (Korean Pop) music now and so do some guy but they prefer more of English music such as rap or rock. A significant amount of Bengalis live in Japan, South Korea, USA, and Malaysia.
Ashley: Hey girl, where you from? The Phillipines?
Amita: No girl, I'm from Bangladesh.
Ashley: Oh, what are you called? Bangladeshian?
Amita: Haha, No, I'm Bengali or Bangladeshi to be more precise.
Ashley: Oh, you are pretty & very cute.
Amita: Thank you, Asian girls, especially girls from Bangladesh are beautiful.
av RiceEaterx3 18. november 2010
People from bangladesh or have bangladehi decent. In the United Kingdom most of them live in Bricklane. In U.S.A, most live in N.Y.C in boroughs such as the bronx , Queens and Brookyln.And Some also live in miami,Florida but they are mostly mixed.

-Most Bengali's are into the hip-pop culture.Some are strictly religious others are not.They come in all different skin tones but majority is either brown or tan ,minority is white (liteskin) about ten percent.

- AND THEY ALL SPEAK BENGALI. Bengali's hate ignorance, they are down to earth people and enjoys to be with cool, free minded people who show them a lot of respect and love.
-Jon: wher'd u get tht good yay?
Bob: From det bengali who livs across tha street frm me.
-Kareem: Who's ur O.G?
Devin: Is tht bengali nikka Ali, who lok lik a replica of Yung Jeezy.
Nora Ali - Junior Miss America 2007 (Minnesota)
Jawed Karim - co-founder of YouTube and lead technical architect of PayPal.
Monica Yunus - daughter of Muhammad Yunus and soprano singer
Saif Ahmad - World Series of Poker winner.
Fazlur Khan - civil engineer, lead architect of the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Center,2 considered "the greatest architectural engineer of the second half of the 20th century.
Bridget McCain- Governor John McCain's youngest Daughter.
av Bdzillest 6. mars 2008
1. The Bengali language, also known as Bangla, the official language of Bangladesh and the main language in the neighboring Indian state of West Bengal. It is the second most spoken language in India after Hindi and belongs to the Indo-Aryan family of languages (which includes Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi and Nepali).

2. A person from either West Bengal or Bangladesh who natively speaks the Bengali language. Prominent Bengali people include Ravi Shankar, an instrumentalist, Irene Khan, the current and seventh Secretary General of Amnesty International, a human rights organization, and, of course, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from The Simpsons.
1. Apni-ki Bangla bolte paren? (Can you speak Bengali?)

2. Ravi Shankar played the score from the film Gandhi with George Fenton.
av Govind2008 13. februar 2009
people coming from bangladesh. THEY AREN'T THE SAME AS INDIAN PEOPLE. WE ARE ALSO OF MONGOLIAN DECENT. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, THAT'S THE TRUTH. bengalis are also more oriental looking than indian people in general, if you've noticed. 3 out of 5 of the nobel prize winners from the indian subcontinent/southern asia are bengali. bengalis as a mass are very deep thinkers, though not the most athletic. they are a rather close knit community, and even fought against the pakistani army (which had tanks, while bengalis had spears) to keep their language.
john: ey, u indian?
fahim: naw dawg, im bengali

ronald: ey, u filipino?
abdullah: nah, im bengali

av Convicted Reaper 1. mai 2009
ethnic group of indo-aryans from Bangladesh. Bengali race genes consist of the following, indian\pakistani(which are considered asian AND caucasian), and mongolian. They mongolian part is proven through the fact that there are bengalis with the last name "khan" as in genghis khan. Also, in the northern part of bangladesh, there are bengalis with very oriental features. Though Bangladesh is not the most rich country in the world, but it is making very huge advancements everyday. Dhaka, Bangladesh also has the 3rd largest population. There is also a very large bengali population in england, and a pretty small population in Japan. The population in america isn't too shabby.
dammit, why the fudge are bengalis so cheap?
av ReaperZero 8. oktober 2006
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