A boy that cares about you more than himself. He will text you constantly and its cute because it makes you feel like someone is actually interested in you and your life. He gets uncomfortable talking about things that have hurt you in the past like family problems, past relationships, etc.. He likes to kiss you on the cheek when his mother isnt looking, and he definately is the cuddling type. You can lay with him on a couch for hours talking literally about nothing. You can never watch a movie with him because you end up kissing or talking the whole time! Hes a weird person. He likes to make jokes around his friends, but he will always come by you and spend time with you and your friends, but you can tell he gets bored. He has such a great smile. Great eyes too. Great everything. You will fall in love with Anthony. I promise you that, but this one certain Anthony, is mine.
"I really like that Anthony, hes so perfect."
"Yeah, too bad he has a girlfriend."
av RAWRRAWRrawr 23. mars 2013
A truly one of a kind guy.

Anthonys are the total package. They are crazy gorgeous with so much sex appeal that they're constantly fighting off the ladies. Their personalities make them even more irresistible. They tend to be really witty and are constantly keeping you on your toes. They are genuine and very caring. Anthonys are also very intelligent and can master just about anything (including but not limited to women's' hearts). They make very good poker players. Their sense of humor will keep you laughing. It's very easy to find yourself talking to an Anthony for hours because with them, time just flies by.
Girl #1: I met this new guy and time just flies by when we talk.
Girl #2: Let me guess, his name is Anthony.
Girl #1: YES. How did you know?
Girl #2: Because Anthonys have that effect.

Girl #1: You look different. You're glowing.
Girl #2: I'm seeing someone and I just came from his house.
Girl #1: I knew it. You have that Anthony glow going on. Lucky! I want an Anthony now!
av Bella bb 11. februar 2010
In addition to a cool guy, the term Anthony can easily refer to any mass of molecules that is constructed in such a way as to be rendered a perfect specimen that may be utilized, but not exploited by, those hungering for an expanded and elaborated knowledge of what it takes to be deemed everything including handsome, intelligent, loving, caring, kind, considerate, wise, humorous, entertaining, true, etc. Whatsmore, a rather impressive figure, he can also be defined as most courteous and endowed with overwhelmingly good taste - especially in the ladies. However, he is now unavailable for the taking and he belongs solely to his queen, Zarrin. Nonetheless, he is still all I claim him to be and to define him would require too much ATP and that I do not have a limitless supply of. Thus, in a simpler way I shall leave it this;

Anthony - n. Desireable & mine.
Anthony, you make Zarrin happy.
av Pareja hmm 26. mai 2007
Latin for Priceless but issued as a common Italian males name
Shortened Version:Tony
Hey Anthony if you don't get downstairs no spaghetti tonight for you boy.

Hey Tony, the FBI is crackin' down on our operation i'll get Jimmy Bags to take them down the river.
av Superfreak54 18. juli 2008
Generous, loving guy. Adorable and handsome at the same time-with amazing taste in music.
Person 1: Who is that guy?

Person 2: Anthony!
av 1231231 5. mars 2010
He calls himself anthony because he does not like being called Tony.
Hey! im anthony
oh cool can i call you tony?
av fukyouitsnottrue 7. februar 2010
defined as a pretty awesome guy. He's pretty attractive, until he cuts his hair. Then he's gay. but still awesome. He can be a flirt but when he has a girlfriend he's only dedicated to her only. He doesn't like to talk about his feelings, but if you're pretty close to him, you may be able to get something juicy out of him. He likes to make-out. A LOT. He won't try anything sexual on you unless you want to, so don't take it in the wrong way. He likes sports, video games, messing with his sister, and making out. He's funny but stubborn. If you don't text him in 3 days and he really likes you, no matter how much he expects you to text him first, he'll give in at SOME point.
girlfriend,"daddy you'll love my boyfriend! He's sweet, funny, and a little stubborn."
Dad,"Is his name Anthony?!"
girlfriend,"How'd you know?!"
Dad,"Does it matter? I might not even threaten to kill him if he breaks your heart.."

Love In the Air!
av -5.24.11.- 15. juni 2011
a super sweet, awesome, and beastly boy who happens to be very hot.
person1: "woah, look at that hot guy."
person2: "Thats anthony, he's pretty beast too."
av ernstesto 28. november 2009
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