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An advanced skateboarding flip trick which is basically a hardflip being rotated 360 degrees. A normal hardflip is a Frontside Pop Shuvit with a kickflip. A 360 hardflip is overrotated making it broken down into a Frontside 360 Pop Shuvit and a kickflip.
av XxWiZxX 16. november 2008
Taking amphetamines (adderall or other ADD drugs) or a similar stimulant with a strong cannabis edible, followed at any time by LSD. The stimulant keeps you wide awake and alert and ready to dance while the strong dose of marijuana has psychedelic, added euphoric, and calming effects. The LSD increases the psychedelic effect, making lights and music sound even stranger and more interesting, an added benefit if one is looking for a replacement for ecstasy. "Magic mushrooms" can also be substituted for LSD, but are less suitable for the situation as they have to be eaten, which is hard enough when on stimulants, and since they don't taste particularly good, is also a detractor. LSD is also much easier to bring into an event such as a concert or a rave.

The combination is very similar to ecstasy, inducing euphoria and empathy, making your body experience remarkable pleasurable sensations, making lights, music, and costumes (or what have you) more exciting, while also allowing a person to stay up all night (dancing, sexing, etc) while being MUCH much safer, MUCH less toxic, and MUCH less harmful to the users brain, mind, and emotions.

Also, in states that allow medical use of cannabis, the 360 HARD flip can be obtained almost completely legally. LSD is currently illegal however, but adderall is being prescribed to 4 year olds, and cannabis is finally starting to scare politicians and old people less.

This also means you will be having a fun time raving all night without the mystery of what was in the pill you just popped. Prescription adderall xr is straight up amphetamines, which are time released in order to keep you up all night, no mystery there. From a marijuana dispensary you will get an extremely concentrated form of the drug in an edible form. LSD is very difficult to cut with anything as its doses come in microscopic amounts.

There is almost never a harsh let down or hangover, and you will always know that your drug combo is going to be pleasurable and safe.
"Last night I 360 HARD flipped for DEADMAU5. I felt like I was rolling balls the whole night, lost myself in those psychedelic mau5 eyes, didn't look half as scary as all the other ravers, and the next day I felt perfectly fine, though understandably a little tired."
av alsobanjanqrum 12. august 2009
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