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Morgan and Joanne
Hey mojo.

Let's fuck tonight.
av Yugirider2 24. september 2013
1 2
1. personal magnetism

2. sex appeal

3. illegal drugs
Your mojo won't protect you from the ravages of the wilderness.
av The Return of Light Joker 9. august 2011
3 4
the part of a man's body that produces his courage and his libido
Fat Bastard stole Austin Power's mojo.
av ericri 15. oktober 2009
8 10
An alcoholic beverage served to sailors in the Philippines, which is a concoction of all the different booze in the bar, mixed with fruit juices and ice, and comes in a big pitcher.
Sam: Man! This Mojo sure taste great, but I have killed most of this pitcher by myself and I don't feel a damned thing!

Dave: Oh yeah. Wait till you try and stand up to go take a leak.

Sam: Whoaooo! Holly Shit! Dude! I am totally fucking WASTED!!!
av popeye1369 30. oktober 2010
1 5
a person who possesses rare knowledge or extremely skilled with a subject or activity. This person is usually very deft at explaining complex subjects or ideas with ease and simplicity. Well coordinated or gifted with a talent.
The new professor in the physics dept is the mojo.

That woman is a mojo at badminton.

Stuart killed me at Jenga, he is a mojo.
av xpez 20. august 2007
14 19
Commonly used as "Mexicans" or "hispanics"
Woah ,look at all of those mojos eating their tamales.
av Ayeeeee<3 13. september 2010
7 13
a small bag worn under the clothing in which magical spirits reside
Put your mojo back in your shirt, man.
av M Topper 7. september 2005
16 22