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Blades Buisness Crew, Notorios sheffield united ooligans
My old man said be a wednesday fan and i said fuck off bollocks your a cunt
av Stanislaus 18. juli 2004
A large Spliff containing At least 14grams of marijuana made by rolling a a4 sheet of card into a cone rolling it in paper and filling the empty cone up. This needs 4 roaches, 2up 2down
"Thats not a spliff"
"yes it is"
"are you trying to be funny"
av Stanislaus 30. mai 2004
Yes fuck evil shim in his stupid face
An example? last night is a good one
av stanislaus 4. juni 2004
Me, also patron saint of poland
Hi im Stanislaus grumann
av stanislaus 2. juni 2004
the newest and most nazi pope for twenty years
he has the eyes of a killer
av stanislaus 26. april 2005
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